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When we investigated the first technique in which players avoid third base in more detail, we can see that the explanation for this technique is by no means based on a firm strategy or any actual evidence, but only superstition. Of course, no player is responsible for the cards that the dealer draws and therefore can not affect the winning chances of all players around the table. The cards are withdrawn from the card holder after being stuck, so the cards that appear are randomly.

Blackjack attracts a certain category of players; Those who regularly visit casinos. There are also players who can never resist a good old-fashioned round of Craps, others will look deep in their pockets to try a final round of slot machines. It has to be said that there is a great variety of styles , performances and players who entertain themselves in the conventional possibilities that are out there today. But what about Blackjack, the card game like repeating appears in movies and on TV.

Some professional players have played an important role in the history of Blackjack. It's not about movie stars or popular singers: Blackjack, a special-grade card game has its own "Hall of Fame", an overview of the best players of the time. Players who receive this status each year are experts who have helped to change Blackjack culturally. The first category of Blackjack players often encountered are those attracted to the culture and history of the game in general, hence their designation belonging to the Hall of Fame.

A man who can be described as Blackjack's father is Edward O. Thorp and is a character you will find at all the important Blackjack events. He is an individual who is very passionate about math and is an expert in counting cards. He has a phenomenal memory and loves numbers of all kinds. The statistical player is good at calculating probabilities and also manages to shape their own tactics and develop them through each turn. It is worth keeping an eye on such players. Players who like to take a risk are generally the most feared. They play with a dynamic and determination and never seem vulnerable. They are not afraid to bet big and love to provoke their opponents. They are no doubt players who love to passionately indulge themselves in Blackjack. They sometimes take thoughtless risks that can cause them to lose the match.

These players are sitting on an unusual technique where they observe the table without betting or calculating the probabilities. When the latter becomes beneficial, they take the initiative to participate in the game and will finally bet. However, players belonging to this category are becoming more and more unusual due to the fact that the conventional casinos have introduced rules that deny observing players as this may seem disrespectful to the game and contrary to the principles of fair play and have then tried to get rid of this The way to play.

Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most famous casino games ever and this has been enhanced through the game's presence among popular culture throughout the ages. Countless books, magazines, TV shows and movies have included blackjack as part of their content and for a good reason. The popularity of blackjack stems a lot from the myths and legends that surround the game since it was first played and some of them contribute positively to the culture and experience of the game, while others also have a negative influence, especially when new players take it as a concrete truth. We know that this theme will always be interesting to our players, so here at Norsk Online we will take a look at the 4 most popular myths and legends that surround the popular casino game, blackajck.

When playing blackjack, you are placed on one of the 7 available seats around the table. The most common myth is that to get an advantage in the game you have to sit on the top side of the table. If this were the case then the casino would have established a rule that ensured that it was not possible to have an advantage in this way. The only case where the seat position can give you an advantage is when you use the technique called 'front loading' to try to get a glimpse of the dealer's hidden card. Note that if you manage to do this you are very lucky since it is very unusual for a dealer to make a mistake in this way.

Recently, we heard a story where a player complained to the casino management because the dealer used a brand new deck during a game. The player claimed that this was what made his win-win endless. This is a very strange assertion and one we easily place under 'O' for superstitious ball. After some investigation, we found out that this was not an isolated case and that this was actually one of the more common excuses players used when happiness ended.

Martingale method is a betting system used by roulette players and can also be used in blackjack. This involves doubling each bet every time you lose so that when you win, you win back what you've lost, plus a small profit. The problem with this method is that it is very likely that you will not see the same results every time and therefore the house will always be the final winner. Contrary to what most people think, it's actually not illegal to count cards, even though casino operators will do anything they can to reveal you, and it may be banned by the casino itself, even though it's not illegal. One of the most effective methods available to prevent players counting cards is to let them keep believing that it's illegal in the first place. Today, in casinos around the world, many players try to stretch the borders a bit of counting cards, and some who openly discuss it. Just remember that if you are counting cards, it is the fastest way to be banned by the casino on a lifetime.