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Play Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow poker is a version of poker where you only have the dealer as opponent. Pai Gow never plays with more than two players since it's a 1 v 1 game and it works more like a traditional casino game like blackjack than the traditional multiplayer poker format like Texas Hold'em, for example. In a land based casino, this game is considered a regular table game like blackjack and roulette, so you usually find it among these types of games. It is also a fairly popular online game, so you will find that it is offered by most online casinos today.

Pai Gow is primarily a version of poker, but the roots of the game can be traced back to a game similar to dominos. As with other poker games, a deck of cards with a few inequalities, such as the inclusion of the joker as a wild card, can be used as an ace or to complete a variety of combinations. At the start of the game, players will make their bet. The dealer will hand out seven cards for each player. At this point, players share their cards into two different hands; A strong and a weak hand. The strong hand has five cards, while the weak hand has two. The strong hand should always have a number value superior to the weak hand. If this is not the case, you may be disqualified because some online casinos do not tolerate players ignoring the rules. In a land based casino, the dealer will require you to correct your mistake. After that you risk either being asked to learn the rules or leave the table.

The first hand (the strong hand) has the same value as in traditional poker, the only difference is that the combination of Ess-2-3-4-5 is the 2nd highest hand after 10-pin-queen-king ess. The other hand (the weak) may contain only a pair or combination of the weakest cards you had in the first place. A pair of Aces for example is considered stronger than a pair of 2's, so if the dealer and the player both have pairs, the strongest of the two will win. If both have the same pair, it is the dealer who wins.

After organizing their cards, the player must show the cards to the dealer who compares the two hands and reaches a result. First, the strong hands are compared and saw the weak hands. If the dealer wins both hands, the player loses. And if the player wins both hands, the dealer will lose. If the dealer wins a hand and the player wins one hand it will be a draw and the player will get back what he bet in the first place.

Most casinos will take a percentage of the player's winnings. This percentage is usually 5%, so if the player pays 1000 kroner and wins, the payout is 1950 kroner, not 2000 kroner. The other advantage that the house has over the player in Pai Gow poker is that there is a rule that says the house automatically wins if they both have the same pair on the weak hand. Because of this, the casino manages and always takes a small amount of player's hand no matter what the outcome is. Most players love Pai Gow for the simple reason that it requires a little strategy to play effectively. It takes a lot more than just a little luck to win. The type of player that it attracts is the kind that likes to have control over its casino game, instead of leaving everything to the best of luck. Pai Gow is a dynamic game and keeps the player focused and entertained from start.

Pai Gow Poker is actually an edition of Pai Gow. By the late 1980s, two entrepreneurs and casino owners, Fred Wolf and Sam Torosian, invented this game for years with careful observation. These two men had traveled all over Asia and noticed the potential of Pai Gow, a classic domino game that had spread rapidly and widely. At a time when many immigrated, Fred Wolf and Sam Torosian decided to take this game to attract the attention of Asian workers and businessmen. This was the way Pai Gow Poker, a union of domino and traditional Texas Hold'em, was born. In just a few months, this issue had been awarded the title as a classic version of poker in the casinos.

Pai Gow Poker did not only swing through the casinos in but quickly also invaded all the games room in the states. Game enthusiasts in both Nevada and New Jersey were drawn to Pai Gow Poker. The easily recognizable poker with original Asian entertainment was also easy to market: the players who were looking for an outing and entertainment could go on a journey through this game. Another attractive factor in this game is that the player goes face to face with the dealer in a duel. Just like in Blackjack, this match ensures tension for players. It was not long before Pai Gow Poker was exported around the world. The game got very good response and expanded quickly to the digital scene. These days, many online casinos offer Pai Gow Poker.