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Top Online Keno Game

Keno is a type of lottery game that is usually played live, but can also be found on the internet at most online casinos and on machines in some brick-and-mortar casinos. It's easy to play, requires no skills and many places have begun using Keno as a kind of national lottery. The name is believed to come from the French word quine, which means "five winning numbers", but the game was developed in China and brought to the west in the 19th century through immigrants.When Keno is played live and a draw is about to begin, employees (known as "runners") usually go around the casino and provide tickets and take care of bets. When you play online, it's so easy that you also try to press the start button to begin.

In live Keno there are 80 balls that are placed in a transparent glass machine and draw 20 random balls. When you play online, a random number generator will select 20 random numbers out of 80 possible. Keno players select up to 10 numbers (sometimes they have the choice of choosing twenty) and the more of the numbers to the player match when the draw is finished - the greater the win they get. Each caino has its own Keno payout table and offers players unique tip options, jackpots, bonuses and surprising features. Betsson Casino Keno stands out to have the most fun Keno game we've seen online, offering great graphics and both a bonus feature and a big jackpot to boost your winnings. Ladbrokes casino on the other hand has a game where you can choose 15 numbers and therefore increase your chances of matching multiple random numbers. The payout is lower because of this, so it depends on what you prefer.

Since every casino has a unique payout table, it's hard to say the casino's edge on Keno. Asking where you play and can range from as little as 3% to as much as 35%, this makes Keno a bad long-term investment for casino players compared to, for example, Blackjack or Roulette. Everyone sure to check this at the casino you play at. Unfortunately, there is no general strategy for Keno, since it is a coincidence in the draw, so the outcome depends on pure luck. Since it's impossible to beat, the best Keno strategy is just to enjoy the time you play and find good casinos to play it at (see the list above). Just bet what you can afford. If you are looking for long-term fun, you can play it live as it takes a lot longer than you play on a machine. If you are looking for short-term fun, you should play Keno from your couch at home.

Keno is a simple game - perhaps one of the easiest games at an online casino. Nevertheless, many people struggle to get the game to fit their own criteria. The great thing about this game is that you can make your own Keno strategy. The reason why you can do that is because you decide the odds on your bets. You can choose from 1-10 numbers, and depending on what you choose, you get a fixed odds. All odds are predetermined, and you can decide which odds to play with. Do you have a big chance of winning little or medium - or little chance of winning, but that when you win you win a lot. A well-known Keno strategy is to play with few numbers. This gives you a greater chance of winning the main benefits, but the prize is nothing to write home about. On the web, it's really different - here we would recommend you to bet on 10 numbers, or at least over 6.

The reason for this is because you are likely to play on Net Entertainment's game, Bonus Keno. As the name suggests, the game has its own bonus game. This bonus game comes from collecting jokers. Behind some hatches, you will find jokers from time to time, but this is only in routes you have chosen. There is a greater chance of collecting these jokers by playing as many numbers as possible every time you play. Keno consists of a 100% free game, which also doubles all prizes. Should you win or win the main prize with ten chosen numbers, you should cross your fingers in order to get it when you get to the bonus game. Then you can cash in a very good win - and then you really have something to write home about!

Although we know there are many who are looking for an ideal keno strategy, we may disappoint many when we now say that there is no fixed strategy. Of course, there are little details and actions that can be taken to make the game as optimal as possible, but it is completely impossible to trigger better odds than is already pre-determined in the game rules.

The best strategy we can give you, however, is having fun. Keno is a game we've known for centuries, and on the web it has steadily increased in popularity. As a close relative of both bingo and lotto, Keno falls well within what we Norwegians are known to like. We are a lottery land, and in a lottery land, Keno is also home. In this article you will also find references to various casino sites online. These we have chosen carefully, so you should play at a casino that offers the little extra on the Keno front. Playing where you pay, you take advantage of the maximum and you can say that this is the ideal strategy for playing online keno.