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Online Caribbean Stud

Although poker is a relatively old game that occurred around the 18th century, Caribbean Stud Poker is considered a much newer phenomenon. This original version of poker was found in the 1980s. Caribbean Stud Poker occurred on the small island of Aruba near the coast of Venezuela. This game was invented by some hotel owners who loved poker at a resort belonging to the Holiday Inn group. When it was boarded on some cruise ships , there was great attention from new players. It is no surprise that this game is offered in game catalogs for the elite.

Caribbean Stud has been played since the 1980s. Although we do not know with a hundred percent security that it arose on Aruba, poker expert David Sklansky claims that he was involved in developing this game and that the only exotic with this game is the name. It is widely played where he comes from and on all the islands belonging to the Antilles. As mentioned already, all cruise ships belonging to the big companies offer this game in their game room. The main reason behind the success of the game is the simple playing rules and the possibility of big winnings. It's no surprise then that this game has grown enormously in casinos around the world since the 1980s.

Since it is a relaxing and fun game, Caribbean Stud Poker did not have any difficulty signing in the casinos in Las Vegas. The exotic background attracts players who are looking for a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Since the 1990s, Carribean Stud Poker has been played in shorts and Hawaii shirts. It also became a favorite game in Nevada. But it should be said that this poker edition became a classic for another reason too, just because they added an addition to the game that became very profitable. A bet on si allows players to win a progressive jackpot in Caribbean Stud Poker which is an outstanding invention.

By allowing users to bet a small side-sum, they have the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot that grows every time a player bet. In the casinos in Nevada, this jackpot can easily reach one hundred and one thousand dollars and this also applies to the online casinos. It's not too much to win this jackpot, for example, you can get a strong royal flush or you can win parts of the jackpot by achieving a full house or a flush. We must mention that you are not going to pay attention to the contribution this jackpot has given the game. It actually allows Caribbean Stud Poker to race past other variations of poker.

Due to the expansion of online casinos it was natural that a new chapter should be written in the history of Caribbean Stud Poker. Due to its growing popularity, the game spread rapidly online and made many players who would usually ignore this game to big fans. The outcome of this phenomenon is that regardless of whether you are in Las Vegas or Lithuania you can play Caribbean Stud Poker from your computer. Who knows, you may also soon contribute to the development of the story of this game by mastering the tricks behind it!

Caribbean stud is a very entertaining game. Despite the name, players do not think of this as a poker game. It is nevertheless a poker variant, one played against the dealer. Many online casinos offer progressive jackpots with this variant, which can reinforce the view that this is more a slot machine than a table game, and in addition, you can not bluff in this variant.

In Caribbean stud you play against the dealer and the object is that you must have a higher card than the dealer. A single card with 52 cards is used and the game begins with a single bet. After that you receive five cards and the dealer will give himself five cards, one of which is visible to everyone. Based on your knowledge of your own cards and the dealer's visible cards, you must decide if you can win the round or not.

If the dealer's hand is considered invalid, then the bet will not count longer and each player will get back what he initially bet. After that, the start starts, but they are usually quite low, and the winnings are not big either. This will always be the case even when the dealer's hand is better than the player's. The new rates only apply if the dealer's hand was disqualified by one of the players.