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Online Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games. Games belong to the board game category and is a pure chance game. You can not do anything to increase your chances of winning in roulette - everything is based on coincidences. Strategies are thus meaningless, the only reason to play with a roulette strategy will be that you think it's more fun to play for a particular pattern. Of course there are ways that allow you to play longer before you finally give you. If you bet everything green every time it can be a short-term joy, but of course you can win a lot of money if the ball lands on green. On the other hand, you can most likely keep playing a lot longer if you bet on red, as the likelihood that the bullet will land on red is much bigger than landing on green. Many have packed the suitcase, traveled to Las Vegas with all the money, and put it all in one color in roulette. The result has been that they have either doubled their fortune or they have been ruined.

How smart this is, must be up to others to consider, but clearly there is a considerable risk of doing such a thing. If you understand that you have more than 50 percent chance of being ruined and still understand the risks and consequences then you must be allowed to do so. The probability of getting twice as rich is also about 50 percent (slightly lower due to the green field on the roulette wheel).

So for the gamblers, the eccentric and the thrill seekers of us, there's no better way to gamble than to play roulette. Remember, this is a game of chance, and if Mrs Fortuna is on your side she can make you very rich. However, there are no warranties or systems that may change this, so if you have this in mind, you will find out that this is simply pure fun! Here at Casino you have the opportunity to try roulette for free and therefore have an outstanding opportunity to learn game rules and experience the sheer excitement you can only have with a 50/50 winner chance! In addition to familiarizing with the rules of the game, you do not risk losing money on bets that may not have been so thoughtful.

The meaning of roulette can be said that the player can bet on one or more numbers, different combinations, rows, colors of numbers or odd / numbered numbers. You put a lot of bets and gladly combine them. Below you will get a review of the most common of these efforts. A European roulette wheel runs from 0-36, where 0 is green and the rest of the numbers from 1-36 are divided between being red or black.

If you aim for the ball to land on a particular number, you win 36 times the bet. Do you think the bullet will land on a red number? Or maybe a black? This is one of the bet you can put when you play. This is a bet that will take place if the ball will land on a even number or odd number (odd number). On the game table this appears as the three 2-1 fields under the numbers 34, 35 and 36. This means that you can make an effort to land the bullet on a number represented in one of the three columns, for example. The first column that has numbers 1, 4, 7, 10, 13 etc.

The first thing to do when playing Roulette is to bet. There is a table or board next to the roulette table and all the bets are placed. How this board or table looks varies from place to place or to what website you are playing. Roulette rules usually have little to say for the board or the table's appearance. According to the Rules of Procedure, the wheel should be spinning counterclockwise while the ball is sent off by the clock. Dealer or Croupier, as it is called in roulette, puts the wheel on and says when you can not bet anymore. The rules of rule say that the wheel must be in motion for all bets to be valid.

The wheel is divided using metal frames in 37 sections with their respective numbers around the wheel center, possibly in 38 sections if you play American roulette. The bullet must fall into one of these divided sections so that the ball stops at a winning number. The rules indicate that the croupier determines who has won by looking at the color of the section where the ball is located and the number of the section. The only exception to the roulette rules when it comes to winning bet is the section marked with the number 0. This section is the winning number of the house, And all the bets go to the house, especially a player has not put the effort to stop the ball just there. If the ball stops in any other section, the one who has bet on that number and that color will win. Roulette rules allow effort in both color and numbers.